Informatics education (2003)

Directions and challenges in informatics education

Hughes et al.
Chapter of Informatics Curricula and Teaching Methods (Cassel & Reis, 2003)

From the homepage: This book contains a selection of the papers presented at the Working Conference on Informatics Curricula, Teaching Methods and Best Practice (ICTEM 2002), which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 3.2, and held in Florianópolis, Brazil in July 2002. The working groups were organized in three parallel tracks. Working Group 1 discussed the “Directions and Challenges in Informatics Education”. The focus of Working Group 2 was “Teaching Programming and Problem Solving”. Working Group 3 discussed “Computing: The Shape of an Evolving Discipline.” Each working group worked actively and prepared a report with the results of the discussions; these reports are included as the second part of this book.

The book is part of the IFIP book series (volume 245, February 2003, 164 pp.). The paper is a working group report, having the first two authors as chair and rapporteur.
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HUGHES, J. M.; McGETTRICK, A.; BARBOSA, E. F.; KAASBØLL, J.; KERN, V. M.; FERREIRA, A. P. L.; MACOME, E.; MARTINS, J. S. B.; OLIVEIRA, C. A.; ORTH, A. I.; SADANANDA, R.; SILVA, E. Q.; TORI, R. Directions and Challenges in Informatics Education. In: CASSEL, Lilian (Org.); REIS, Ricardo Augusto da Luz (Org.). Informatics Curricula and Teaching Methods. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003, v. 245, p. 115-123.